Jesper Mattias started his photography career over 13 years ago, and has worked for a broad range of editorial clients as well as national newspapers and large production houses like Tiger Aspect and Endemol. He has worked for the BBC, SKY1, Channel 5 and has taken stills to advertise award winning television shows.


Jesper has also shot for large corporate companies such as AXA, CISCO, Polar Capital, Dunkin Donuts USA and Pentair USA. His work has taken him all over the world, recently working in Switzerland, New York and Sweden on personal projects as well as commisioned advertising shoots. 



In his spare time Jesper shoots landscapes, recently focusing on seascapes and stormy landscapes. He is also shooting a long running personal project on craft food and drinks producers, from Champagne makers in Hampshire, to Vodka distillers in Brooklyn, New York. Some of this work can be seen in his portraits section.


Jesper is now represented by Image Source and Camera Press and has been shooting lifestyle,travel and celebrity portraits for them for the past 8 years.